Mystery Dorm

Mystery Dorm is a mystery-exploration game made in RPG Maker MV.

It is the first game in Mystery Dorm Series.

Release date: 27 March 2016



Zul is a student at Muadzam High School. One day, his teacher gave him homework and asked Zul to submit it the next day. At night, he went to study room to complete his homework. After a few minutes, he felt tired and fell asleep. Suddenly, the lights are switched off and all students in the dorm gone missing, except him.

After that, he met one mystery man and asked him what happened. That man does not know what happened, but he told Zul to get out of the dorm. To find out what happened and to get out of the dorm, Zul has to find the clues and keys.

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Study Room:
Talk the man with green clothes, and he will give you a hammer. After that leave the study room.

Ground Floor C:
Enter the door next from study room (Underground Floor).

Underground Floor:
The gate suddenly closed. Turn right, find a mirror and select clean it. After that go to the left side and break all barrel using a hammer and gate suddenly opened. After that go to the center and find a chest contains a room G-3 Key and take it. Leave the underground floor and go to Ground Floor A.

Ground Floor A: 
Enter Room G-3 and take a Hall key inside the chest. After that go to Ground Floor D.

Ground Floor D:
Enter the Hall and Enter Storage Room (Right side of the Hall).

Storage Room:
Find a chest and take Floor 1 Key inside it. Enter the door at the upside.

Mystery Floor:
Go upward and it will ask a code (Code:3133) (Clue for this code at Left and Right Room). After leaving this floor go to the Ground Floor H, go to the stair and Enter the Floor 1 door.


Floor 1D:
Enter Room 1-11 and take the paper (Paper 3-1) on a table.
Leave the room and go to Floor 1E:

Floor 1E:
Enter Room 1-14 and take the paper (Paper 3X2) on a table.
Leave the room and go to Floor 1C:

Floor 1C:
Enter Kitchen and take the paper (Paper 2+2) on a wall.
Leave the kitchen and go to Floor 1F.

Floor 1F:
Go to Room 1-19. Code to Enter Room 1-19 (624)
*(Clue for this code is from the paper you collect before)
6 (Six is the first)
2 (Two is the second)
4 (Four is the third)
Inside Room 1-19 find a chest take Floor 2 key inside it.
Leave the Room and go to Floor 1A.

Floor 1A:
Open Floor 2 door and go to Floor 2 stair.


Floor 2A:
Talk to a girl and select yes to help her find her teddy bear. (You will die if you select no). After that go to Floor 2B.

Floor 2B:
Enter the room 2-5 and take Blue teddy bear. Leave the room and go to Floor 2E.

Floor 2E:
Enter Laundry Room and take Grey teddy bear. Leave room go to Floor 2G and go to the left side of a floor (You will enter another Floor 2G).

Floor 2G:
Take Red teddy bear and return to the girl (Floor 2A).

Floor 2A:
Talk to a girl, give her all 3 teddy bear and she will give you water tank key. After she disappears, go to Floor 2D.

Floor 2D:
Climb the ladder and enter the door.

Water Tank:
Water Tank 1- Go to the rightward
Water Tank 2- Go to the upward
Water Tank 3- Go to the upward
Water Tank 4- Go to the upward
Water Tank 5- Go to the upward
Water Tank 6- Select enter door behind Hadi. (You with got Bad End if you followed Hadi)